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By Zac Goodman
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28th July 21

Anna Ong, Property Manager


1. What is your role at TSP?

I am the lead Property Manager at TSP, working alongside a great team. I deal with all day-to-day matters for our buildings, set and operate service charge budgets, and am the client and tenant liaison across our portfolio. I have played a key part in implementing TSP’s sustainability agenda and driving sustainability initiatives for our portfolio. 


2. How has the property industry changed over the last 5 years?

There have been massive global events/changes that have had a large impact on many industries, including the property sector. Below are some of the main issues we have encountered which have caused changes to the industry:

  • BREXIT – market confidence, investment and funding uncertainty, and supply chain and labour changes have all had to be considered. I think that the extent of these changes has been masked by the impact of the Pandemic. 
  • COVID-19 – the effects of the pandemic will be revealed in years to come, however, within our industry we have seen huge changes to how we operate buildings safely, and of course, with many companies moving to flexible/hybrid working, we are seeing a change in how they value and use workspaces. 
  • Technology – Following the pandemic and restoration of return to work, ’Prop-tech’ will continue to shape and drive the property industry more than ever. Major areas of advancements include Building Management Systems and the digitalisation of office management systems. 
  • Sustainability – The property industry has an important responsibility in contributing to the solutions of climate change, from a building’s development phase to its daily operational phase. There is a huge push in the UK to be Net Zero by 2050 and I think that this will become the dominant issue facing our industry. Technology will play a large role in providing solutions to help buildings work smarter and greener.


3. How is sustainability impacting Landlords?

As the world becomes more green-conscious, tenants are seeking properties and Landlords that show commitment to being eco-friendly. Furthermore, the changes in government legislation, in particular Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES), are making Landlords review their assets, pushing them to future-proof these assets for a new generation. Sustainability doesn’t just include the fabric and materials of a building; tenants and clients now look at the whole ecosystem that they inhabit. This includes the surrounding environment, eco-friendly transport accessibility and access to health and wellbeing amenities etc.


4. What are your top tips for Landlords looking to ‘go green’?

1. Procure Green Energy 

2. Check your EPCs and make a plan for your buildings on how you can improve your ratings 

3. Find ways where you can offset your own carbon footprint, no matter how big or small, it will make a difference! We love Ecologi and use them to offset emissions for our buildings and employees.


5. Which accreditations are worth pursuing in regards to creating a sustainable property portfolio?

There are many accreditations in the industry but one I would highly recommend is BREAAM. It is internationally recognised and the most common assessment tool used here in the UK. 


6. Has Covid-19 left a lasting impact on the property industry?

It is too soon to say just how our industry will be impacted long-term. People adapted to changes very quickly over the course of the year, I think the bounce-back to office-based working and normal retail traffic will happen quickly too, especially in London. The new hybrid approach to working has provided the industry with a great opportunity to innovate and conquer these global changes. I hope we come out the other side stronger than ever. 


7. When not saving the world through sustainability initiatives, what do you do in your spare time?

Like any good Kiwi living in the UK – you’ll find me travelling (hopefully again soon), eating my way around London (or at home cooking up my own storm!) and going to live gigs.


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