Workspace 2021

2020 was a wild ride. But it has made the future of our industry clearer than ever.

This e-book covers the biggest shifts happening in commercial property and steps to get up to speed with this radical change.

Accreditations for Commercial Real Estate

Accreditations have become synonymous with commercial real estate, but are they worth the investment? Find out which ones are with the investment and can drive meaningful revenue to your portfolio in our definitive ‘Accreditations Guide’.

The Green Checklist

40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint is a result of the built environment (which includes office buildings and commercial premises). It’s time to go green. The TSP Green Checklist contains all the information needed to make your workplace sustainable, on any budget.

How to B Corp

Becoming a B Corp isn’t easy. Even when you know how.

Our guide will help you get started. There are also some tips and easy wins to help you succeed.