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29th April 21

Shared Office Space: The Benefits & Challenges

Sharing office space has long been a utopian dream for charities. The opportunity to cut...

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Charity • News
12th April 21

Workplace Wellness: 5 Top Tips for Returning to Work

The world has evolved and so has the workplace. Employers are now focused on workplace...

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25th March 21

Meet the Property Management Expert

There is huge change coming to commercial real estate. ‘Let and forget’ and traditional leases are as passé as covid lockdowns.

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15th March 21

The Benefits of Prop-Tech in Commercial Real Estate

It wasn’t so long ago that having a ‘connected’ building meant wiring-in your doorbell and...

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News • Projects
23rd February 21

Work, Gather, Connect: Flexible & Affordable Office Space, SE1

Enter Little London It may sound like a dream, but the office utopia exists. Little...

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Charity • Thoughts
22nd February 21

10 tips for picking the right office lease

When the pandemic is over will you be returning to the office? Do you need to...

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Charity • News
17th February 21

TSP: How to create your most sustainable office ever

It’s amazing how the last two years have changed our clients’ mindset. We’ve seen the...

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News • Thoughts
1st February 21

Sustainable Workplaces: EPC Regulation

No longer a thing of the past, sustainable workplaces are in here, and here to...

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Charity • News
22nd January 21

5 Things Your Property Manager Should Offer In 2021

The pandemic has put innovative, creative and hybrid spaces on a scale against the traditional concept of the office, and it hasn’t been kind to latter

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