Workplace Wellness: 5 Top Tips for Returning to Work

By Zac Goodman
Charity • News
12th April 21

The world has evolved and so has the workplace. Employers are now focused on workplace wellness and are under increased pressure to support their employees’ mental health. Why? According to the CIPD, Stress-related absence has increased 37% in the last year alone. LinkedIn has given employees a week off to avoid burn out, PWC has introduced a ‘start when you like, leave when you like policy’ and work from anywhere ‘WFA’ is the latest concept hitting our consciousness. 

At TSP we have been championing workplace wellness for a long time. Healthy employees equate to a successful business. It’s that simple. But don’t stress yourself out over figuring out how to create an office oasis. We have done the research. Here are our 5 top tips on how to be well at work:

1.Bring the outside in

Space affects your wellbeing. The environment in which we spend our working days, rolls into weeks, compounds into years. A pleasant, biophilic space with plenty of natural light can enhance your wellbeing, whilst a poorly lit, uninspiring office cubicle can bring you down.  

2. Let’s move it move it

People have got used to working in the comfort of their own homes, with lunchtime strolls and sunny afternoons on the garden patio. Many will find sitting at the same desk for 9 hours a day incredibly tedious. Understandable. Try incorporating more breakout and informal work areas into your office design. Be dynamic. Have fewer desks and more beanbags (inspo available here). Standing desks are increasingly popular for combatting neck strain and maintaining posture. 

3. Entertainment

The office can no longer just be a place to work. Now that people have the option to stay at home – it must provide more. This includes offering experience services with an emphasis on community and wellness. Fitness classes, meditation evenings, even after work karaoke are great incentives to get employees back in the office whilst helping to maintain work/life balance. Virtual streaming the event will also help include those WFH. 

4. Good neighbours 

Consider inviting other building occupants, charity partners or neighbours to expand your community and range of events; tenant groups and experience apps can facilitate this.

5. Make it official

OK – you have signed up for a Patch Plant office subscription but what could you do from a business approach to support employees wellness at work? At TSP we are members of Investors in People. Founded in 1991, Investors in People (IIP), are on a mission to make work better. Successful accreditation is the sign of a great employer and a great place to work. The IIP framework provides an expert overview of an organisation & offers valuable insights on how you can improve. People are your best asset. Data shows a supported workforce is 17% more productive & 21% more profitable (all data from Investors in People). 

Remember. Not everyone wants to work from home, and not everyone wants to go back to the office. The mental health and wellbeing of both groups must be equally considered and your team’s preferences should be fully reviewed before workspace decisions are made. 

Conclusion: Workplace Wellness_

Managing workplace wellness is important as we transition back to BAU. Whether WFH, WFA or simply back in the office, there are countless tools at your disposal. 


If you are a charity and have questions / concerns about your office space TSP’s specialist Charity team are here to help.

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