Helping ClientEarth create their most sustainable workplace yet

By Zac Goodman
Charity • Projects
30th November 20

What does the world’s most expensive guitar, an environmental organisation and TSP have in common?

No, it’s not another Live Aid concert, but a kickass charity tackling the climate crisis. Oh, and they just happen to be supported by rock star David Gilmore (from Pink Floyd, for the younger readers).

In 2019, a record-breaking auction took place at Christie’s in New York. Gilmore sold his guitar collection, making headlines in the process. His famous black Stratocaster became the most expensive guitar ever sold at auction. One bidder, an American football team owner, spent $5.245m on the day. Air guitar solo, please.

So, why the auction?

The proceeds of the auction were donated to ClientEarth, an environmental charity which is fighting the climate crisis, by both challenging and supporting ‘the system’. When BP embarked on a greenwashing campaign it was ClientEarth that successfully held the company to account in the courts. Not all heroes wear capes. Gilmore stepped up for a cause he believed in, and he did it in true rock’n’roll style by going all-in. When there’s so much passion involved it’s hard not to feel some of it too. Especially with the small matter of the planet’s future at stake.

Enter TSP

TSP was tasked with finding ClientEarth an office which represented their mission. They had moved on from bootstrapping and needed a headquarters befitting the next stage of their climate battle. In other words, they needed a workplace which fitted their rock star credentials.

Before we could finalise our mission, the COVID crisis landed, which raised some existential questions about office space. It meant the size requirement was reduced by almost 20% and the location was reconsidered. We realised that their future office was not just for the 9-5. It needed to be a place for collaboration and inspiration; a place where ClientEarth could produce their best work. This was not going to be an ordinary office.

Sustainable Searching

Working with a leading environmental organisation meant sustainability was naturally baked-into the selection process. Strong weighting was assigned to EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) scores and BREEAM ratings. We viewed offices (travelling by bike, naturally) and found a warehouse-style space that seemed to be The One. Terms were agreed within a strict budget. The best bit, it actually cost less than the former lease. Ka-Ching!

We are now working hard to deliver ClientEarth’s most sustainable workplace yet.

The Highlights_

•          Employee involvement, every step of the way

•          Sustainability assessment baked-in to the search

•          Staff journey time analysis for pain-free cycling and public transport

•          Fit-out to support hybrid home + office workforce

•          Secure bike storage, showers and changing rooms

•          Biophilic design

•          Extensive furniture re-use  

•          SKA Gold Rating pre-assessed and targeted

You can follow the project right here, or if you’re feeling inspired contact us to find out how TSP can help you create your most sustainable workplace yet.

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