How To Pivot To A Managed Space Model in 3 Steps

By Mia Brown
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17th October 22

Managed Space = Best aspects of a co-working space + Grown-up amenities of a traditionally leased office.

It will be the fastest-growing sector of the office market over the next five years.

Any landlord can pivot to a Managed Space model by following these 3 steps.


Customer demand for sustainability will only increase:

  • 72% of UK office professionals think it’s important to work in a sustainable environment
  • 73% believe that sustainability aids workplace productivity

Don’t worry — it’s good for landlords too. Sustainable buildings lease-down quickly and they’re worth more. Achieving an ‘A’ or ‘B’ Energy Performance Certificate can increase rents by 10%+.

So, how can you use Managed Space to improve your building’s sustainability (and attract customers)?

Buildings should include:

  • Energy-efficient fittings
  • Recycling or zero to landfill schemes
  • Renewable energy supply
  • Utility monitoring to manage consumption
  • Natural light
  • Carbon offsetting
  • Accreditations (such as BREEAM, WELL, ISO 14001)
  • Biophilia
  • Local community engagement
  • Green lease clauses

Sharing sustainable goals helps transform the landlord, managing agent and customer relationship. It becomes less transactional and evolves into a long-term, rewarding partnership.


The modern workplace can’t exist without internet connectivity.

But it is now Landlords rather than their customers managing the connection. And customers expect quick access to the top internet providers.

The best way to provide internet connectivity is by installing a managed fibre backbone in the building. The backbone allows customers to choose from the best deals offered by major providers. Connection then happens in hours, not weeks. No more wayleaves or 100-day lead-in periods. No more frustrated customers.

The most connected buildings offer more than just great fibre:

  • Occupancy monitoring
  • Space usage
  • Air quality
  • Access control
  • Touchless technology

Customers want technology that makes them more productive and helps to build a healthy workforce. They want to optimise space usage and understand what their people enjoy in the workplace.

A recent Forrester survey found that 99% of CRE decision-makers need help with workplace technology.

This is a huge opportunity for landlords to add value.


Human beings need to connect with one another. It’s how we’ve evolved.

We also know that younger workers want workspaces to be more than an office to clock in and out of — they’re seeking a community and a place where people connect with one another through shared experiences.

Co-working spaces can stifle a company’s own culture with shared workspaces and unlimited alcohol.

Managed Space, however, supports the customer’s own business culture by giving it space to thrive. Building a community this way helps to boost worker satisfaction and happiness, which can increase productivity by 13%.

So how is a community built in a managed space?

  • Enable communication between customers at the same property
  • Curate the right events and amenities for your customers
  • Customers can then develop relationships and identify collaboration opportunities

What’s the best way to build community?

  • Identify how your space can be physically adapted and used by the community
  • Customer experience apps (such as Spaceflow)
  • Create and coordinate events
  • Build community hubs and spaces e.g. convert an office unit to a café or workout space
Want to learn more?

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