Rethroning A Great Dame

By Mia Brown
News • Projects
18th August 22

Last month, TSP were honoured to win the EG Tech Award for most innovative building: 30 Lighterman, Kings Cross.

We had incredible competition, up against the giants GPE and PSP – Canada’s largest pension investment managers.

Most importantly, 30 Lighterman is over 100 years old. It is proof that real innovation must marry the best of old and new.

It’s worth taking a closer look at the etymology of ‘innovation’. A word bandied around to such an extent today, void of much meaning.


“Innovation” comes from the Latin “innovationem”, noun of action from “innovare”. Curiously, “innovare” – mid-15c – stems from the Latin “innovatus”: to renew or change.

So, innovation is not – as commonly assumed – simply the introduction of something new. Its roots dig deeper.

The central meaning of innovation relates to renewal and restoration: changing something that already exists.

And that’s precisely what we did with 30 Lighterman.

Restored and repurposed a centenarian building – once used by historic lightermen workers, ferrying London’s flat-bottom barges known as lighters along the Thames.

Some of their footprints are still visible on the original, buffed concrete floors.

Innovative in the true sense.

So, how did we do it?

Here are 5 factors which brought this historic, great dame into the future of workspaces.

1. Sustainability

Exceptional sustainability credentials: EPC B, BREEAM Excellent, carbon-neutral status. 100% of waste diverted from landfill. 100% of materials BRE A/A+.

2. Managed Space

All-inclusive leasing package combining flexibility, technology, community, and sustainability. Quick access, turnkey ready.

3. Prop-Tech Enabled

Contactless smart access control, real-time air quality monitoring, plus some of the first people-counting sensors in UK offices. Real-time data to predict demand, test configurations, optimise space utilisation.

4. Marketing Campaign

Innovation was reflected through to our marketing campaign. Professional stunning videography of a ballerina moving within the space – accompanied by EDM. Classical fused with contemporary.

5. Managed by TSP

The entire fit out and building management is run by TSP, so tenants benefit from a seamless experience. It proves that outstanding and sustainable office space can be offered and managed with relatively limited resources versus the giants in our industry.

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