TSP x Planteria: The Business Behind Biophilia

By Mia Brown
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15th February 23

According to Harvard research, green workspaces are proven to significantly increase cognitive function:

  • +31% improvement in strategy
  • +38% improvement in focus
  • +73% improvement in crisis management

The recent blossoming of workplace biophilia and indoor planting is not surprising then.

Plantworks, in Kings Cross – aka. London’s first urban farm office development – has taken this trend to a whole new level. Have a peek.

We sat down with Philippa Fidell, Business Development Executive at Planteria Group – one of TSP’s long-standing Partners – to learn about the business behind biophilia.

Planteria was founded 44 years ago in 1977. What remains the same in the business? What has been the greatest change?

Planteria started as a family business, by brothers Brian and Phil Anderson – we are still family owned and run to this day.

In 1977, we were pioneers of plants for the workplace: we believed in the power of nature to change spaces for the better.

Back then, planting was often confined to the reception and the board room.

The biggest change we’ve seen has been driven by increased awareness of wellness in the workplace and the positive impact plants have on improving people’s mood, creativity, and productivity. As well as making a space more beautiful.

Over the decades, we have led the way in creative and innovative planting, working closely with the design and fit out sector. We now have a dedicated biophilic design team creating best-in-class biophilic designs for clients.

We also added corporate floristry to our service offering, providing weekly fresh flower displays for office receptions and boardrooms.

From Harrods, to JLL, to Rolls-Royce, what do you enjoy most about working with such a variety of clients?

Variety is the spice of life. We love to work with different clients. It’s interesting to discuss our client’s ideas and requirements to enhance their workplaces in a unique way.

We cover the whole of the UK – Aberdeen to Plymouth – and many different sectors, from luxury brands to financial institutions.

There is a huge variety of planting options: living-pictures, moss walls, hanging planting, bee-friendly planting for roof displays. No two projects are the same.

The only similarity for every client we work with is that we harness the power of nature to create truly inspirational spaces.

What’s your favourite office plant?

It has to be the Aglaonema! Did you know there is over 100 different types of the Aglaonema’s?!

Case Study: 16 Laystall Street

16 Laystall Street was an industrial warehouse that TSP converted into stunning contemporary office space – retaining original features with exposed brickwork and ceilings.

Planteria used unique planting features to maximise impact without encroaching too much on floor space.

We made bespoke waterproof liners for the wooden planters and selected a vibrant mix of planting including Monstera Deliciosa, Aglaonema Stripes, Scindapsus, Sansevieria Laurentii and Small Kentia Palms.

We included free-standing floor planting to bring colour and life, continuity and flow throughout the scheme, selecting a mix of modern planters in neutral black and grey.

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