London’s Most Leasable Offices: 5 Proven Strategies To Supercharge Occupancy

By Mia Brown
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25th November 22

We looked at some of London’s most leasable offices, for the secret behind supercharged occupancy and a resilient real estate strategy…



243,000 sq. ft., 17 storey, 100% pre-let

Driving Brunel Buildings’ leasing velocity is its extremely adaptable, 3.5m high column-free spaces – spanning 66m from end to end. Occupiers have maximum flexibility with their fit-outs and can respond to the changing needs of their business with ease – enjoying unimpeded views.

Landlords should consider modular office designs that enable walls, ductwork, and power plants to be moved and reconfigured within a short timeframe.

56% of meetings are now hybrid – meaning enclosed, private spaces are some of the most coveted. Ensure you don’t go too open plan.

2. HYLO, EC1


258,000 sq. ft., 28 storey, BREEAM Excellent

HYLO provides an enhanced ventilation system with high grade filters and sensors, combined with floor by floor air handling unit (AHU). This ensures CO2 levels stay below 900pm and air purity is 100% fresh with no recirculation.

A Harvard study found that for every 400 ppm increase in CO2, cognitive scores drop by 21%. Meanwhile, cognitive scores were 61% higher on days with the freshest air.

With a proper IAQ strategy, an average worker’s productivity can increase by equivalent of £5,400 per year.

Monitoring IAQ can help you gain points towards many green and healthy building certifications (LEED, WELL, RESET, Fitwel).

Independent of building age and market, healthy building rents transact between 4.4% to 7.7% more per sq. ft. than non-certified buildings.

Increases over 10 years represent:



70,000 sq. ft., 7 storey, 1st UK building to achieve Platinum Smart Building Certification

Southworks’ technology-first approach creates a safe, responsive, productive environment.

IoT technology by bGrid features a central sensor platform functioning as the building’s ‘brain’. Collecting data on air, water, electricity and occupancy, it ensures resources are delivered cleanly and efficiently. Live data streams are available for occupants via the Building App.

Piecemeal technology solutions are no longer enough. Moreover, landlords must shift from guessing what users want to knowing what users want. 



200,000 sq. ft., BREEAM Outstanding, LEED Platinum

The Crystal has its own community strategy framework including educational workshops, local food programme initiatives, community gardening and urban beekeeping.

Consider differentiating services such as a Community Manager or Front Of House, who notice the small details that traditional facilities managers overlook – whilst being a friendly, helpful face within the building ecosystem. These make a crucial difference to the user experience.



65,000 sq. ft. 6 storey, one of Europe’s largest cross-laminated timber (CLT) offices

Gramophone Works features flat roofs with PV panels, low energy LED lighting with sensors, plus high efficiency Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) HVAC system with a superior level of zonal control.

Over 90% of CEOs state sustainability to be important for their company’s success: landlords can help with this.

HVAC represents up to 40% of a single building’s energy consumption. Invest in proactive HVAC replacements and onsite renewables sooner rather than later.

Energy savings of 10-21% are possible with smart HVAC systems introducing variable amounts of fresh air based on occupancy patterns.


For a resilient real estate strategy with supercharged occupancy: well-managed flexible space, enabled by technology and sustainable design, with personalised community perks.

Take a deeper dive in our eBook: The Landlord’s Guide To Managed Office Space

Need more help on how to keep your building 100% occupied and maximise returns?

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