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28th January 22

Green Retrofitting: 3 Simple Phases

Quick wins  Everyone wants these: maximum gains for minimum effort and expenditure. One of the...

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29th April 21

Prisoner, Stoic, Deliberator, Disruptor: The 4 types of Occupiers in the market

Through working with both landlords and occupiers during the last year, it has become clear...

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25th March 21

Meet the Property Management Expert

There is huge change coming to commercial real estate. ‘Let and forget’ and traditional leases are as passé as covid lockdowns.

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15th March 21

The Benefits of Prop-Tech in Commercial Real Estate

It wasn’t so long ago that having a ‘connected’ building meant wiring-in your doorbell and...

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12th January 21

TSP: The Property Manager Reboot

If 2020 called, we'd ask for our money back. Enter 2021 and a TSP reboot focused on the future of commercial property.

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