10th May 24

7 Ways Your Property Manager Can Help With Your Lease Renewal Cycle

Remarketing space is a nightmare at the moment. It’s so much easier to renew with...

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Charity • Projects
10th April 24

Client Success Stories: How Bowel Cancer UK Saved £1m+

Bowel Cancer UK is a growing charity doing crucial work to fight Bowel Cancer. It’s...

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Charity • Thoughts
1st April 24

Springtime Commercial Property Update for Charities

Welcome to TSP’s springtime commercial real estate update for charities. Here’s what’s happening in the...

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Charity • News
20th March 24

Changes to the Charities Act – What You Need to Know

What happened? The Charities Act was updated in June 2023 when the rules relating to...

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Projects • Thoughts
5th March 24

Q1 2024 Update from Jonathan Vanstone-Walker, MD

In mid-February, I returned from a 5-week trip to Asia, yet I didn’t feel like...

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Charity • Thoughts
25th September 23

Should you sell your charity building during the cost-of-living crisis?

We’re living through a cost-of-living crisis and many charities are selling assets to survive. But...

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News • Thoughts
29th June 23

3 Ways to Deliver Unreasonable Hospitality at Your Offices

This month I read Will Guidara’s book ‘Unreasonable Hospitality’. It’s the story of how his...

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News • Thoughts
30th May 23

Cranes Galore: An Update on the London Office Market in May

Today, there are more cranes in London than at any time in the last 10...

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News • Thoughts
26th April 23

What You Need to Know: A Recap of the Office Market in April

Sentiment in the market is bad – but is this peak disillusionment? We’ve seen a...

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