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21st June 22

Who’s Moving?

Charities across the UK continue to re-evaluate and strategically relocate offices. From building links with...

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News • Thoughts
4th May 22

The Third Space: 7 Offices Trailblazing

What is the “third space”? Put simply: the first space is home, the second space...

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Charity • Thoughts
25th February 22

Why Isn’t the Charity Sector Returning to the Office?

This is an edited version of the article which appeared in the 2022 Charity Finance Yearbook published...

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News • Thoughts
29th April 21

Prisoner, Stoic, Deliberator, Disruptor: The 4 types of Occupiers in the market

Through working with both landlords and occupiers during the last year, it has become clear...

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News • Projects
23rd February 21

Work, Gather, Connect: Flexible & Affordable Office Space, SE1

The workplace is changing_ Post-pandemic, people want an office which promotes wellness, supports innovation and...

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