TSP Award Tally Grows to 15

By Mia Brown
News • Projects
20th May 22

April saw the TSP team nominated for 5 prestigious awards – including Property Company of the Year – at The Property Awards and the RICS Awards.  

Moving into summer, our work continues to be recognised and fruitful, with 10 new nominations added to the crop.

* Updated – 29th JULY 2022 *

EG Awards – Best Workplace Award

Nominated: 30 Lighterman, King’s Cross

Celebrating the creation of the most functional and productive workplace in the UK.

In a period where our view of the workplace has shifted momentously, judges want to see evidence of how office space has been adapted to meet the needs of more flexible workforce.

EG Awards – Inclusive Design Award

Nominated: MS Society, London HQ

For this nomination, inclusiveness must be at the heart of design: a workspace accessible and functional to any person. Partnered with Design & Build experts, Peldon Rose, TSP achieved just that. 

Learn more about the office transformation here.

* Updated – 24th JUNE 2022 *

SME National Business Awards – Business Innovation

Nominated: 30 Lighterman, King’s Cross

Innovation in business means doing something new, different, smarter, or better that will make a positive impact. 

Celebrating the best of SMEs, 30 Lighterman ticked all the boxes. 

* Updated – 31st MAY 2022 *

RICS Awards [National] – Outstanding Small Surveying Team

Nominated: TSP Surveying Team

This category celebrates an outstanding small surveying firm (<50 employees), or a surveying team working within an organisation with less than 50 employees.

Our team includes qualified Chartered Surveyors and Registered Valuers delivering excellence in Property Management.

RICS Awards [National]– Environmental Impact Award

Nominated: 30 Lighterman, King’s Cross

This category recognises projects where innovation, design or construction techniques have been utilised to address environmental challenges and improve sustainability.

For 30 Lighterman, sustainability and innovation were not variables but constants.

Premises & Facilities Management (PMF) Awards – Partners in Workplace Redevelopment

Nominated: TSP & Peldon Rose, 30 Lighterman

TSP has worked shoulder to shoulder with Design & Build experts Peldon Rose for over 13 years. During the pandemic, our teams collaborated to transform a 100-year-old warehouse into the future generation of design-led, employee-centric workspace.

We champion our long-standing relationships, acknowledging real success is only built upon real partnership.

BusinessGreen Leaders Awards – Green Building Project of the Year

Nominated: 30 Lighterman, King’s Cross

In a sector accounting for 38% of global CO2 emissions, it is a privilege to be recognised alongside green pioneers from across diverse industries – from transport and manufacturing to advertising and the circular economy. Real sustainability can only be achieved with leaders across the board.

EG Tech Awards – Innovation Award (Building)

Nominated: 30 Lighterman, King’s Cross

An innovative building in its entirety, this award celebrates everything from considered construction techniques to tech-enabled design, combined with our unique Managed Space leasing package.

EG Tech Awards – Bridging the Gap Award

Nominated: Zac Goodman, Director

The winner in this category will be an individual who demonstrates true leadership in the sector and plays a major role in bringing the worlds of technology and real estate closer together.

Zac recently leveraged over a decade of industry experience to invest in his prop-tech start-up, Switched on Space. One of the 1st UK businesses to enter the sector, he has positioned himself with the biggest brands ahead of the curve.

Property Marketing Awards – Best Use of Film

Nominated: The Future is Flexible – TSP with The 10 Group for NorthHill

How do you engage people with your property and brand in a congested marketplace, where everyone is fighting for impressions?

Through strong storytelling, arresting art, classical ballet combined with contemporary EDM – the TSP way.

Our campaign portrays space as a canvas for flexibility and expression. It is a reminder of the ‘flow and rhythm’ an exceptional workplace can bring to our daily lives.

Check it out here.


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